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Tactical Athlete Packages

CPAT Preparatory Program - $175

The program design is to specifically prepare aspiring firefighters for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), a rigorous examination of their physical capabilities. This comprehensive program focuses on developing the fundamental strength, endurance, and functional fitness required to excel in firefighting tasks. The program spans four weeks and incorporates a balanced blend of resistance training and conditioning exercises to enhance overall physical performance. Each week follows a progressive structure, gradually increasing intensity and difficulty to optimize muscular adaptation and physical readiness.

Gym Workout

Kinetix FireFitness - $225

Kinetix FireFitness is a premium monthly weight training service specifically designed to cater to the unique physical demands of firefighters. The program focuses on evidence-based practices and scientific principles. Kinetix FireFitness offers a structured and progressive weight training monthly program.


Each program is carefully curated to address the specific physical requirements and challenges firefighters face, considering their need for strength, power, agility, and muscular endurance. It will prepare you to tackle the physical challenges and excel in your firefighting career, ensuring you are ready to protect and serve your communities with strength and determination.

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